• Vault:  Arm circle hurdle approach; Straight jump off of the spring board onto an elevated surface;  
  • Uneven Parallel Bars: Knowledge of pullover, swings, glide swings
  • Balance Beam: Basic balance skills - walks and kicks; Basic dance skills - leaps, jumps - straight, tuck, split;
  • ​​Floor Exercise: Basic dance skills -  leaps, full turns; jumps - straight, tuck, split, straddle, pike; Handstand holds, bridge hold, cartwheel



​The focus of this level is to work on basic building blocks of skills and be introduced to gymnastics skills and events 

  • Vault: Front handspring on main vault. Half-on or round-off entry vault
  • Uneven Parallel Bars: Kip drills, strong glide swings and taps wings, back hip circle, front hip circle, squat on jump to high bar. Sole circle dismount. Long hang pullover with spot. Starting flyaway drills
  • Balance Beam: Full turn on high beam, handstand, cartwheel, and back walkover on high beam (with spot), tuck 3/4s on low or medium beam. Round off dismount. 
  • Floor Exercise: Round-off back handspring connected, front tuck off spring board, front handspring on floor, back tuck with spot off block or beam. 

The focus of this level is to build more advanced connections and higher skill level.  Begin preparing for joining Sparks Team


The focus of this level is to enforce form and technique with the basic building blocks learned in the Beginner class and expand on the next level building blocks using drills

All gymnasts who are new to Lakeville Gymnastics Booster Club are encouraged to attend a free open assessment to determine level placement. A coaches will take your gymnast through a series of exercises on all events to accurately assess where they will fit best in our program.  Please use our Contact Form to schedule an assessment.

The focus of this level is to begin competition with full strength routines.  Starting at compulsory routines and progressing
individual routines.  At this level the gymnasts are judged by Minnesota State High School League Standard Rules.


The focus of this level is to combine basic building blocks to perform skills developed from drills and techniques 

  • Vault: Front hand spring on tumble track trainer; blocking techniques.
  • Uneven Parallel Bars: Advanced circling moves - pullover, back hip circle, front hip circle; Squat on with spot; Jumping to high bar; High bar circling; Glide swings.
  • Balance Beam: Advanced dance skills - full turns on low beam, leaps, 1/2 twisting jumps; Advanced tumbling - cartwheel lunge, back walkovers on low beam. Handstands and Cartwheels on high beam.  
  • Floor Exercise: Advanced dance - multiple turns, leaps, beginning twisting jumps, back handspring down a wedge or on floor with spot, front handspring off an elevated wedge or mat, or front handspring on floor 
  • Vault: Jump handstand onto elevated surface; Blocking techniques; Handstand block off elevated surface.
  • Uneven Parallel Bars: Intermediate circling moves - mill circle, front hip circle; Casting into circling moves; Comfort with climbing on top of bar; High bar tap swings.​
  • Balance Beam: Intermediate dance skills - 1/2 turns, leaps; Jumps - split, straddle, pike; Intermediate tumbling - handstand hold; Cartwheel dismount; cartwheel on low beam.
  • Floor Exercise: Intermediate dance - full turns, leaps; Jumps - 1/2 twist shapes; Back and front walkovers, round-off rebounding; Back and front handspring drills. ​
  • Vault: Front handspring or half-on vault (with working towards twisting)
  • Uneven Parallel Bars: Kips connected to back hip circle, squat on, high bar kip drills, flyaways, Switch kips, more advanced bar skills.
  • Balance Beam: High advanced dance skills - full turns, switch leaps, 3/4 jumps; High advanced tumbling - flight skills; Connecting tumble skills - flight skill connections. (connected back walkovers, or cartwheels), back handsprings, round offs, back tuck off beam + cartwheel dismount 
  • Floor: High level dance connections; Round off, back handspring, back tuck; front handspring, front tuck on floor, connected back handsprings to tucks, layouts, some twisting. Switch leaps connected to jumps.